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The symptoms of having toxicity in one’s life are similar to being a child from a dysfuncitonal family.  Do you dread going to work because your supervisor is constantly yelling or criticizing you and everyone around you?

Do you feel you cannot do anything right? Has  your self esteem decreased from being on the job, or since your relationship started?

Do you feel sad, unmotivated, anxious, or listless? Do you feel ill, have sleep difficulties, eat too much, or do not have an appetite,and have you lost your passion for life, or even lost  your sexual energy? Are you searching for that sense of excitement about those things you used to be passionate about


Challenging oneself to make a change may seem frightening at first. However, once we realize that our destiny lies in our own hands, our choices start to appear.

Being honest with oneself  begins with a sense of presence. Knowing that you are here at this moment in time in body, mind, and spirit. This may sound easy at first, however think for a moment about the times you are sitting in a movie or at dinner and your thoughts are elsewhere.

Your body is right where it should be at the desired location, but your thoughts and spirit are in a different location.  Presence or mindfulness is a process that many of us needs to learn in order to develop new more helpful ways of coping with lifes challenges.Let’s try to do this together. Please contact me, and I would like to start a support group developing healthy coping skills starting with mindfulness.  Send me an email to lisa@lisasharf.com  Once I have a group on individuals that can meet in Miami Florida we can begin a 6-8 week support group.