Addiction, Is it the Plague of the Our Time?

16 May No Comments lisa General

Addiction is Killing Our Children, Our Friends, Our Loved Ones…Do We Realize That it Is in Our Back Yard? Today our children from ages 9 through 12 are afflicted with the plight of drug addiction. How can I make such a bold statement?  I work in a center that treats

Do you have Toxic People in Your Life?

24 Jul No Comments lisa General, Self-help, Spirituality, Stress

The symptoms of having toxicity in one’s life are similar to being a child from a dysfuncitonal family.  Do you dread going to work because your supervisor is constantly yelling or criticizing you and everyone around you? Do you feel you cannot do anything right? Has  your self esteem decreased from

Live in the moment

11 Dec No Comments lisa General, Mental Health

In order to be happy, stop reaching back or thinking of what should be or what you should have and start learning to appreciate the here-and-now. Take a moment to live the moment… Listen to my BlogTalkRadio.

Welcome Back to Just Call Lisa!

Welcome back to my “JustCallLisaBlog”. I apologize for the absence of my blog for the past several months, as my blog lost it’s site. I am most grateful for your ongoing support. Enjoy, and please leave a comment if you wish. If you need help please contact me immediately:JustCallLisa Lisa

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